How To Help

Ways You Can Support the Ministry!

1.Shop Amazon!, make purchases through Amazon and support the camp at the same
time. Amazon will donate to The Springs Ministries based on your purchase and it costs
you nothing! Just login to your account, look for AmazonSmile and sign up. Then choose
The Springs Ministries as your non-profit. Every time you shop, make sure you see
AmazonSmile on the page to know the donations are coming our way!
Thank you! Click here to start shopping!

2. Shop our Amazon WISH LIST through Amazon! This helps you purchase items for
camp knowing it is exactly what we need! To view our wish list click here!  Shop from your page and the items will arrive at camp! We keep it updated with items for specific areas such as maintenance, office, program, kitchen or housekeeping. Thank you!

3. Volunteer, we use volunteers all year long! Do you have a specific skill you would like
to share with the ministry? Carpentry? Heating and cooling? Office work? Vehicle
maintenance? Kitchen work? Health care? Lawn Mowing? If you would like to donate
some time and energy to camp, we would love to talk with you about helping out! This
could be a one-time thing, once a week or once a year. We use hundreds of volunteers
each year to make the operations of the camp function and to keep our costs low.
Memorial Work Weekend is a perfect time to spend time at camp helping out! Bring your
family for a mission’s project, teaching your children to serve as a family. Being a part of
the ministry team by becoming a volunteer will encourage the ministry but also will help
you see camp ministry first hand. Thank you to all who currently volunteer!
(Click here for Adult volunteer form—-Click here if your 18 and under)

4. Pray: We need your prayer support and we would love to have you join our prayer team.
Each month we will post a Prayer and Praise list and we would love to include you in our
prayer team. Each summer we set up a prayer partner for each of our summer staff.
Contact the office if you would like to become a prayer partner and receive the Prayer
and Praise monthly list or click here. Thank you to those who currently keep us in your prayers!

5. Monthly Giving: Monthly support is vital to the financial health of the ministry. We are
looking for individuals to become a part of the monthly support team to keep our costs
low, help us maintain the buildings and grounds as well as help us keep up with growth
and future development of the ministry. Many people giving $20 a month would go a
long way! 2 Ways to donate online: click here or you can donate through our Facebook page (both options you can check the box to make it a monthly donation). Thank you to those who currently give!

6. Sponsor a camper: Two ways you can help! 1. Find a family (neighbors, grand-kids, or
kids from your church) who might not be able to send their kids to camp and offer to pay
for part or all of their way! 2. Donate to the scholarship fund and help us continue to
offer scholarships when needed. Some families really struggle to send their children to
camp, and we often receive calls about financial help. We ask that campers pay the first
$50, but we never turn a camper away because of need. We want every camper to be able
to attend a week of camp each summer. We offer discounts and scholarships to help
families afford this! If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund, send a check or
donate online. Thank you to those who already give!

7. Come to CAMP: One of the greatest ways you can support the ministry is by using us!
There are many opportunities for you to attend a retreat or host a retreat. We offer retreats
for men, women, couples, teens, kids, families, crafters, and more! Click here to see our upcoming events! If your church or organization would like to use the facility for a retreat, just contact the office!

8.Participate in a Fund Raising Event! Each year we host fundraising events and we
would love for you to participate. This year we will host a Golf Marathon in the fall as
well as a Big Hole Tournament in the Spring. Contact the camp for more information.