Corporate Sponsor Advertising

Dear Friend of The Springs,

Thank you for considering supporting The Springs Ministries.  Let me give you a quick picture of who we are and some of the things we do.

  • Summer Christian Youth Camp: resident outside activity programs for many ages (over 1000 campers)
  • Host for local band camps
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Year around retreat facility: hosting both Christian and secular groups (over 5000 individuals)
  • Outdoor education program location for local schools
  • Last year we provided both meals and housing for flood victims in our county.
  • We provided a food hand out location for Gladwin area.

It is our desire to serve and minister to people both in our local area and outside this area. We have grown substantially over the past 17 years. We now operate both The Springs campus and Good News campus. We bring over 6000 people to shop in our local stores and experience the beauty of our area.

In the past, we have reached out to corporations and businesses in our community multiple times, throughout the year, as we had a new event or needed extra support. However, this year we are happy to offer to you a one time corporate sponsorship advertising opportunity. Through this program your organization would be given high profile advertising, through our local community events, not just one time but up to three times in the year. Plus we will provide social media awareness through our contacts.

We want you to know that your support is vital to our operations and is greatly appreciated. Should you choose to support us this year, through our new corporate sponsorship program, your investment would be able to come from your advertising budget and therefore, be entirely tax deductible. This would be an advantage for you, compared to simply giving a donation to The Springs.

So please check out the flyer and we will be in contact with you soon to see how you would like to be involved.

Thank you again for your support,


Please call the office at 989-426-7604 if you are interested in donating!